Saturday, July 27, 2013

30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 7

I have been very distracted by the new Kim Hyun Joong music video... it makes it very hard to be productive. I have a link after the jump!
Do you watch Asian Dramas for the actors/actresses, for the story lines, or both?
Both. I started watching Asian Dramas by seeing a picture of the hottie Lee Min Ho. I started exploring the world of Asian Dramas by searching for all the dramas that Lee Min Ho was in and from there I branched out to other dramas that actors I liked were in. After I went through quite a few dramas that way, I started looking for types of dramas and story lines that I liked. Now when I am deciding whether or not to watch a drama, I look who is starring and what the story line is to help me decide if it is something that I want to devote at least two work days-worth of time for watching it. Unless of course it is a Lee Min Ho drama… then I will watch it no matter what!

And now the music video that has been sucking up all my time and drool....
You're Welcome!

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