Thursday, July 25, 2013

30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 6

I'm super excited about today's question! I had to think a lot about this one... too many possible answers!

What is you favorite Asian Drama OST?
Now this is a really hard one for me. Since I love music, it is a huge part of my viewing enjoyment of my dramas. So instead of my favorite drama OST, I am going to do the OST’s I have been listening to the most recently.
For starters, the OST from Gu Family Book. I am in LOVE with the song “Love is Blowing” by Lee Ji Young and “Don’t Forget Me” by Suzy of Miss A. Also the Love Rain OST is in my top listened to list. As well as the Mary Stayed Out All Night, You’re Beautiful, Boys Over Flowers, City Hunter OST’s. And of course there is the Faith OST and the song that started it all “Carry On” by Ali. See the videos below for my favorite songs from these OST’s.

Just kidding! 

Last but most diffidently not least...

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