Thursday, August 8, 2013

30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 9

Life...why must you get in the way? Since I have not been posting like I should, today I have a nice long post! I hope you enjoy!

What genre of Asian Dramas do you prefer to watch?
I usually watch Romantic Comedies. I am not a big fan of melodramas. I like my happy endings and I want it to be happy most of the way through. I enjoy the escape from reality that watching dramas gives me and I want that time away to be happy and fun. I also really enjoy the musical dramas. Since my love of music is what started my whole journey of drama watching, it would make since that I enjoy these as well. Also, High school dramas are a favorite as well. As the wonderful Javabeans and Girlfriday over at Dramabeans stated in a recent podcast, High School dramas are something that everyone can relate to; The Joy and the Hell that is High school.
 Is there a genre for all Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Seung Gi, Jo Jung-seok, and Joe Cheng dramas? (Answer: Hot Guy Genre)

Along with this question, I would like to add (since this is my blog and I can):
What is your favorite drama trope(s)?
 I've got a list. Here goes:
  • Relationship Contracts 
  • Forced Cohabitation 
  • Noona Romances 
  • Opposites Attract 
  • Bromance! 

 With Relationship Contracts, two characters are forced into a relationship for one reason or another. The best, part to me, is that even though they say “We won’t actually fall for each other”, they always do. Then there is the awkward time period where they like each other but haven’t told the other one since it is a breach of contract. So much cute! My favorite show with this trope is: Mary Stayed Out All Night.

Forced Cohabitation comes with the relationship contract territory. It can also arise out of the need to protect someone. Sometimes the characters don’t even like each other. Any way this may come into play the characters quickly find out each other’s true selves. My favorite shows with this trope are: Faith, City Hunter, and Personal Taste.

Noona Romances… love this since the women are usually in charge (or at least act like it). It seems to me that the guys always start out as the cutest puppies who then have to turn into men to take care of and provide for their women. My favorite drama featuring this trope: I Can Hear Your Voice.
He’s cold, logical and a genius; She’s warm, emotional, and a little dim. He’s out going and playful; She’s an introvert that loves her alone time. He’s a chaebol  She’s working three jobs to help support her family. Opposites attracting can be one of the most fun tropes to watch. All the differences can cause tons of bickering or just bring out new traits that they didn't know they had. My favorite dramas with this trope are: It Started with a Kiss & They Kiss Again, Playful Kiss,  and Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo.

Oh, Bromance… What would I do without your cute?! Guy best friends are amazing. Whether it is being friends from childhood to newly developed friendships; hating each other to start with or instant connection; Bromance has to be in my top 3 favorite tropes in dramas. My favorite dramas with this trope are: School 2013 & King 2 Hearts 

Screencaps done by me!

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  1. Oh bromance. If I had to choose between only watching romances and only watching bromances, I would choose bromances.