Thursday, July 25, 2013

30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 5

So the flu hit me hard this week. I've been laid up try to convince myself that living is better then dying since the sickness will fade away. I am going to start back up with a post a day. Let's just keep how behind I am between us... what do ya say?

What Asian Drama made you cry?

Um.. lots! But here are a few of my favorites.

School 2013
Bromance for the crying win!

Those boys… seriously, could they get any sadder? I cried so many times during this drama that I lost count. My heart still aches for them and it was a happy-ish ending. *grabs a box of tissues*

No parents should have to go through losing a baby before they are born.

When the queen had the miscarriage, it broke my heart. That is one of the saddest things that a person could go through. I am very relieved though that they had such an amazing relationship that the King went to her and held her while they both mourned their loss. Beautiful.

So much pain....
... for one day.

I am watching this show for the first time right now. My tear ducts hurt from all the crying I did today. After killing his Hyung, Kang-to then finds his mother murdered. That in itself had me tearing up but then Joo Won and his emotions just killed me. I had to pause a 10 minute  span probably 20 times because I couldn't see my screen.

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